AStuff Platform: Automotive

Each of our platform options is carefully designed to provide a safe, reliable and robust solution for enabling the development and deployment of automated driving applications. These solutions are based on our extensive experience working with thousands of advanced engineers around the world.

The Lincoln MKZ was the first addition to our Platforms family, followed by the Ford Fusion. We’ve carefully chosen these vehicles because of of their potential for integration and customization to the specific needs of our customers. Stay tuned for many more options!

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Lexus RX 450h

Lexus RX 450h


Licoln MKZ

Lincoln MKZ


Ford Fusion

Ford Fusion


Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler Pacifica



  • Configurable and scalable
  • Street legal
  • Very easy to integrate hardware
  • Easy to integrate sensors with optional front, rear and roof rack along with conduit system
  • Show-room style hardware integration optional
  • Customizable
  • By-wire system controlled from a single electric software interface
  • Well supported by world class engineers
  • Great for research and development algorithms for robotics applications including:
    • vision processing
    • obstacle avoidance
    • object tracking and classification
    • localization
    • automated controls
    • map building
    • and much more


  • Full set of software interfaces to the controls:
    • Steering
    • Braking
    • Acceleration
    • Shifting
  • Software access:
    • Left and Right blinkers
    • Reverse, neutral, park and drive gear selection
    • Speed feedback
    • And more
  • Convenience features
    • Integrated PC with ROS pre-installed and pre-configured
    • Headrest mounted display screen for back seat
    • Game controller for by-wire testing
    • Power distribution terminals
    • Touch screen control of power distribution system
    • E-stop for by-wire system
    • Ethernet and USB networked in vehicle
    • Ethernet switch
    • 600 watt/120 volt supply

Software Module

Partner Software


  • Racks
  • Conduits
  • Cooling system
  • Upgraded inverters
  • Custom integration
  • Custom computing architecture