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Aptiv SRR2 Rear and Side Detection System

Aptiv’s Rear and Side Detection System (SRR2, formerly RSDS) helps make drivers aware of approaching vehicles when changing lanes or making turns.

Targets of interest for these applications include on-road moving vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles and vulnerable road users (VRUs) such as bicyclists, pedestrians pushing shopping carts, etc.; providing they satisfy the minimum target speed requirement. Product Dimensions: 115.4 x 73.8 x 25.3.

The SRR2 radars are designed for blind spot detection applications. They function similarly to the Aptiv ESR except for a car but you need two of them, one for each side.  The object recognition logic expects the radar to be looking backward and the targets to be coming up longitudinally toward the radar.  This logic also expects to be looking 30 degrees rearward from perpendicular-this is the default but is changeable.

Accurate target data is provided in a range, range rate and angle. Furthermore, multi-target discrimination is provided in range and range rate robust performance in dense traffic and roadside clutter situations. The output of the private CAN bus is the raw detections.

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  • Blind Spot Detection – detects the presence of objects in the vehicle’s side blind spots
  • Lane Change Merge Assist – monitors passing vehicles in adjacent lanes to help drivers make safer lane changes
  • Pre-Crash Sensing – detects the potential for a rear-end collision from an approaching vehicle and works with other vehicle safety features to enhance occupant protection