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Aptiv MRR

The Aptiv MRR (medium-range RADAR) is used to detect targets (pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks) ahead of a host vehicle. The Aptiv MRR system is intended for a variety of automotive applications including adaptive cruise control, driver alert and collision mitigation functions. The MRR has a range of 160m and a horizontal field of view of >90 degrees.


  • 77GHz Band
  • Horizontal field of view 90 deg
  • Vertical field of view 5.0 deg
  • Maximum range 160m
  • Wide input voltage range +6V to+16V DC
  • Automotive temperature range (-40C to +85C)
  • Multi-mode, multi-application capability
  • Solid-state technology, no moving parts
  • Extremely reliable class-leading performance and durability
  • Resistant to vibration and extremely robust
  • Simultaneous transmit and receive pulse doppler
  • Compact packaging
  • Complete radar module, including electronics
  • Produced using processes proven in high-volume manufacture of engine control units
  • Detects pedestrian, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks


  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Driver alerts
  • Collision mitigation functions


Parameter MRR Long-Range Requirement MRR Mid-Range Requirement
Minimum range 3m 1m
Maximum range 160m 40m
Range accuracy +/-0.5m noise component with +/- 3% bias component +/-0.5m noise component with +/- 3% bias component
Range discrimination for two targets at the same angle and range rate 2.5m 0.7m
Minimum range rate < -100m/s (* assumes doppler unfolding done externally)
Maximum range rate > +20m/s (* assumes doppler unfolding done externally
Range rate accuracy +/- 0.3m/s
Range rate discrimination for two targets at the same range and angle 0.5 m/s
Azimuth field of view > 90deg > 90deg
Azimuth angle centroid Accuracy +/- 1.0deg (corner reflector targets) +/- 1.0deg (corner reflector targets)
Azimuth angle discrimination for two targets at the same range and range rate 8deg 8deg
Vertical field of view 5.0deg
Minimum amplitude < -10dB
Maximum amplitude > 40dB
Update Interval 30ms (alternating between mid-range and long-range)
Maximum detections 64 mid-range and 64 long-range
Service / automatic azimuth alignment MRR calculates a misalignment angle within +/-0.5deg of the vehicle centerline when the radar is mounted pointing in the direction of Host vehicle travel. Angle compensation using calculated misalignment angle is done externally