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Dataspeed ADAS Kit

We are now providing fully integrated ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) kits from Dataspeed based on the Lincoln MKZ and Ford Fusion part of our Automotive platform.

AutonomouStuff is proud to exclusively offer these automated driving research development vehicle by-wire kits. Thanks to the work of our world-class engineers, we are able to take the standard by-wire platform and provide an added array of features. We offer optional features to truly customize the vehicle to meet your needs.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team




Standard Hardware and Software

  • Throttle and brake-by-wire controller module
  • Steering and shifting by-wire controller module
  • Power distribution panel
  • Center console switch box for controlling the power distribution panel
  • 600 Watt true sine wave inverter for AC loads
  • Trunk-mounted instrumentation plate
  • Wire harnesses for all hardware modules
  • USB/CAN converter for use with ROS
  • USB joystick
  • ROS nodes to control system from a computer
  • dSPACE blockset to control system using a MicroAutoBox


  • Brake and throttle (50 Hz)
  • Steering wheel angle (50Hz)
  • Gear (PRNDL) (20 Hz)
  • Turn signals (20Hz)
  • 3-Axis acceleration (100 Hz)
  • Roll and yaw rater (100 Hz)
  • Individual wheel speeds (100 Hz)
  • Production GPS (1 Hz)


  • CAN
  • dSPACE
  • ROS


  • 12 programmable relay channels
  • 600W true sine wave inverter