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Automated Research Development Platforms

Research vehicles preconfigured with sensors and software

Starting with a customizable R&D vehicle platform can accelerate your work on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced algorithm development and automated driving initiatives — or help take your driverless efforts to the next level. Our expert engineers have developed platforms based on customer needs. Or, if you prefer, create your own. Either way, we’ll help you pull together everything you need to get started on day one.

World’s premier automated platform provider

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Build your own

Step-by-step specification of your own R&D vehicle platform, from the vehicle to sensors, software and storage

Your AutonomouStuff platform purchase includes training on the use of the:

  • Platform
  • Components
  • Software

When you purchase a platform from AutonomouStuff, we’re part of your team. A knowledgeable and experienced project manager stays in touch with you on a regular basis to keep you current on platform updates and to make sure we’re meeting your needs.

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