We are proud to exclusively offer our completely customizable R&D Vehicle Platforms used for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), advanced algorithm development and automated driving initiatives. Our Platforms are revolutionizing the future of transportation and can take your driverless efforts to the next level.

The engineers at AutonomouStuff have become experts at constructing the perfect combination of sensors and software based on the needs of our customers. We start with the four cores and build from there. The next step is choosing the perfect vehicle for the specific customer application.



automated research development platform1. The By-Wire Vehicle

The by-wire vehicle is the basis of our platform. The drive-by-wire hardware, power distribution system and vehicle network interfaces ensure your project is up and running quickly.

automated research development platform2. Perception

Our flexible, custom vehicle kits for advanced safety and robotic research vehicles are based on many years of industry experience. These kits are designed to comply with our customer’s requirements, whatever they may be.

automated research development platform3. Positioning

We’ve worked closely with the team at NovAtel to provide the best GNSS GPS solutions for research and development. Five preconfigured kit options are available complete your positioning needs.

Computing4. Computing

We are proud to offer industrial computing options that allow multiple CAN, Ethernet, and serial interface routes for many products currently used in the automotive industry.

automated research development platform5. Middleware

Middleware functions as an operating system for automated research and development. It’s defined as a software platform designed to help developers get started quickly. Applications are developed by calling a set of well-defined, standardized APIs.

automated research development platform6. Software Application Services

You can think of building applications like adding apps on Android or iOS. The software apps we build can be anything from video overlay to advanced highway automation to complete self-driving cars.

automated research development platform7. Data Storage

Our data storage kits from Quantum offer solutions for high band width data logging and redundancy to address the explosion of data collected in autonomous driving research.


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