Accelerating automotive autonomy development programs

A tractor, Ford Transit, Lexus, Chrysler Pacifica and Polaris GEM 

Whether industry, academic or government funded, research and development programs are a major contributor to technology advancements that improve the performance and safety of automated vehicles.  

From testing automated driving systems (ADS) for rural access to transportation to optimising supply chains with autonomous last-mile delivery, OEM, university and government agency R&D programs are solving real-world challenges. 

For over a decade, Hexagon | AutonomouStuff has designed and engineered autonomous vehicles with the most advanced positioning technology, sensors, autonomy software and drive by-wire controls to help industry and researchers alike achieve their program goals. With the most autonomous platforms in the field, we’ve got the experience to fast-track your R&D program. 

Bring your R&D autonomy platform to life

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are an essential piece of equipment to enable autonomy research, but they aren’t off-the-shelf. The research program goals affect the choice of sensors, software modules and vehicle configuration. It can take years for researchers to get a platform up and running from scratch.  

The trick is to not reinvent the wheel. This is where the experts at AutonomouStuff come in. We help you build the right automotive platform to suit your research goals.

Vehicle sensors

Build your own

Step-by-step specification of your own R&D vehicle platform, from the vehicle to sensors, software and storage

Your AutonomouStuff platform purchase includes training on the use of:

  • Platform
  • Components
  • Software

When you purchase a platform from AutonomouStuff, we’re part of your team. A knowledgeable and experienced project manager stays in touch with you on a regular basis to keep you current on platform updates and to make sure we’re meeting your needs.

Available AS Platforms