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April Events

The AutonomouStuff team traveled the globe in April to attend ATZ Live in Germany and Auto Shanghai in China, in addition to hosting a leadership conference for the local Chamber of Commerce at the Morton headquarters and kicking off a series of meetups at the AS Silicon Valley office. The inaugural meetup focused on data intelligence, and the schedule of times and topics for more meetup events can be found here for anyone who wants to absorb the discussion or add to it. AS team members also will continue to travel the world for events throughout the rest of the year. Check the calendar for those long planned and recently added.

ATZ Live

ATZ Live events occur throughout the year to give engineers and automotive specialists front row seats for the latest developments in technology and research. It's probably no surprise that the April event's focus on automated driving was of interest to the AutonomouStuff team.

And it was a great chance to showcase the AutonomouStuff Lexus RX450h automated research development platform in Wiesbaden, Germany.


Leadership Morton

The Morton Chamber of Commerce connected with AutonomouStuff for a leadership program that highlights business success stories throughout central Illinois. A select group of applicants meet weekly for discussion, tours and networking opportunities.

For the session at AutonomouStuff, the leadership program participants learned about the company's origin, fast growth and bright future from Marketing Director Holly Tatum. Events Coordinator Jessica Crofts took the group on a tour of all three AS facilities in Morton, which included an automated vehicle demo by Engineering Director Joe Buckner.

And it wouldn't be an AutonomouStuff tour without swag — koozies and pens for this group!


Auto Shanghai

The 18th International Automobile Industry Exhibition continues a tradition started in China in 1985, with a focus for 2019 on the future of driving. More specifically, the largest motor show in Shanghai, China, highlighted digital automotive developments and alternative drive systems.

The AutonomouStuff team became part of new mobility area at the show, which concentrated on fields such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and intermodal transportation — just the place for an AutonomouStuff Wey VV6 automated research development platform.