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Simulation Suite

Selecting simulation software can feel overwhelming, but the team at AutonomouStuff wants to make the process as painless — and productive — as possible. AutonomouStuff offers end-to-end solutions to assist in creating a custom simulation environment, from HD mapping to interactive simulations. The first step is an assessment of need: What is the purpose of the simulation and how will it be used? For applications requiring scalability, Metamoto features cloud-based architecture and easy integration into modern development cycles. Applications requiring features such as Hardware in the Loop (HiL), however, are better suited to Vires Virtual Test Drive (VTD), which also covers Driver in the Loop (DiL) and Vehicle in the Loop (ViL). The experts on the AutonomouStuff team can help choose the most appropriate solution at the start — saving time and money in critical stages of development.

Scene creation

RoadRunner from VectorZero simplifies the creation of realistic roads, environments and props. It can generate complex road networks incorporating roundabouts, intersections and bridges, as well as custom signage and road markings. Robust export options make detailed scenes available for simulation, entertainment, architecture, visualization or artistic purposes. RoadRunner can be paired with Metamoto or VTD for custom simulation environments.

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Metamoto Analyzer

Simulation at scale

Metamoto connects developers with advantages through its cloud-based simulation platform, which can be tailored for a wide variety of research and development objectives. Its services include designer scenario creation with multi-sensor simulations across a broad spectrum of environmental parameters. Synthetic annotated sensor data created from test scenarios also can be used to train perception and planning machine learning algorithms.

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Simulation in detail

Automated driving systems require complex toolkits to create, configure, render and evaluate virtual environments — mandates fulfilled by the comprehensive Vires Virtual Test Drive (VTD) toolkit. It covers a full range of road- and rail-based developments for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automated driving and core training simulation, with three-dimensional content and chaotic traffic scenarios. Simulation of simple or physically driven sensors also aid Software in the Loop (SiL), Driver in the Loop (DiL), Vehicle in the Loop (ViL) and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) applications and may be operated as co-simulation using third-party or custom packages. Finally, the open and modular design allows for easy interface and integration.

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Featured Virtual Test Drive Metamoto
Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Support Yes No
Driver in the Loop support Yes No
Vehicle in the Loop Support Yes No
Adams Real Time Integration Yes No
On-Premise Installation Yes No
Sequential Execution of Test Cases Yes No
Software in the Loop (SIL) Yes Yes
Custom Vehicle Dynamics Supported Yes Yes
Virtual Sensors Yes Yes
Test AV Perception and Planning SW Stacks Yes Yes
OEMs Utilizing Yes Yes
Native Cloud Architecture No Yes
Parallel Execution of Test Cases No Yes
Subscription Based Cloud Service No Yes
Dev Ops Model support No Yes
Web Based Interface No Yes