Deployment Scenarios

Once you have determined your R&D roadmap and projected your data storage requirements you will need to determine the mechanism for storing the vast amounts of data. We have partnered with Quantum to design solutions that balance cost and performance for your particular R&D requirements. The following scenarios walk you through some real-world Quantum deployments. Please check the case studies to understand the benefits our customers are receiving.

In-vehicle storage

  • Retain all content from road/track testing
  • Fast data ingest

High-performance storage

  • Support HPC test requirements
  • Tagging
  • Multi user access
  • Common/share data pool

Capacity storage

  • Test cars generate 8-20 TB per day (per vehicle)
  • 1.5 PB – 4 PB per year (per vehicle)
Group 1 - Private Cloud

Scale Out Storage Group 1 (Private Cloud)

2 Vehicle & 5 Edit Stations

  • More cost effective than Public Cloud
  • 80 TB HDD in-vehicle storage
  • 1.5 GB/sec upload & 1.5 GB/sec read performance
  • Retrieval from archive tier *1TB/HR/Drive
  • 480 TB high-performance storage
  • 200 Slots
  • 1.2 PB LTO7 tape archive storage (4 drives)
  • 1.68 PB Total Solution
  • Includes 1-year maintenance, support, licensing and installation costs.
Group 2 - Public Cloud
Group 3
Group 4