AStuff Monthly: Pushing forward in Europe, new products, events and more!

It’s been another great month at AStuff. We’re getting our feet wet in Europe and having a great time. Click here to read our October 2017 newsletter and see what we’ve been up to. In this issue Features Pushing forward in Europe Products Update: Velodyne inventory New: AStuff ShorePower Kit What’s Happening at AStuff AStuff HQ Open House This month’s favorite: Cameron Gieda Events Data Intelligence Workshop ITS World Congress Upcoming events

AStuff Monthly: Polaris Ranger, Smartmicro and upcoming events!

Summer is almost over, but that means CES is right around the corner! Until then click here to read what we are up to in our August Newsletter! In this issue: Features Polaris Ranger Platform Products New: Smartmicro UMRR-0C Update: Perception Kits What’s Happening at AStuff This month’s favorite: Joe Kale Events August events CES is fast approaching Upcoming events

AStuff Monthly: Project Apollo, expansion and more!

We’ve been busy this month here at AutonomouStuff, Click here to read our July 2017 newsletter and see what we’ve been up to. In this issue: Project Apollo Silicon Valley expansion New computing product: AStuff Spectra Reduced lead time for Velodyne products Shoutout to NovAtel DON’T MISS IT: Quantum Workshop Automated Vehicles Symposium 2017 This month’s favorite: Kim Jacobs

AStuff Monthly: New products and software galore!

June has been an exciting month for all of us here at AutonomouStuff. Click here to check out the AStuff June 2017 newsletter. In this issue: DRIVE PX on Wheels AStuff Speed and Steering Control Software New product: Geodetics Geo-MMS NovAtel’s Inertial Explorer Software Quantum Workshop Shows, shows and more shows! This month’s favorite: Scott Frederickson

AStuff Monthly: AStuff on the road :)

May has been a busy month for the team at AStuff! Click here  to read our May 2017 newsletter and see what we’ve been up to. In this issue: XPO – The GEM that drove Jim GTC – DRIVE PX2 on Wheels coming soon! Sensor Referencing Roadshow New product: CSS Data Loggers Vendor highlight: Kaarta This month’s favorite: Joe Driscoll

AStuff Monthly: Game-changing data storage solutions!

april 2017 newsletter

We’re through the first quarter of 2017 and it’s been amazing so far!   Click here to check out the AStuff April 2017 newsletter. In this issue: Quantum Storage Solution Kits Sensor Referencing Roadshow Vendor highlight: Quantum Event updates This month’s favorite: Tony Wong

AStuff Monthly: New products galore!

March was an amazing month for us and we have so much to share with you! Click here to check out the AStuff March 2017 newsletter. In this issue: Autonomy Starter Kit New product: AStuff Nebula New product: Point Grey Blackfly Join us for a webinar! This month’s favorite: Nicole Waier

AStuff Monthly: We’re expanding!

astuff february 2017 newsletter

Things have really picked up at AutonomouStuff and February was no exception! Click here to check out the AStuff February 2017 newsletter. In this issue: AStuff expansion Product highlight: DRIVE PX2 Vendor highlight: Kaarta Illinois School for the Deaf visits AStuff HQ This month’s favorite: Sam Rustan