What you will do:

  • Develop and debug complex autonomous software algorithms for vision, localization, path planning, time synchronization, system security, etc.
  • Hands-on validation and software deployment on our autonomous platforms
  • System optimization for latency, security and failure tolerance
  • Travel to customer facilities, trade shows and conferences

What we want to see:

  • 5+ years of C++ software development with autonomous systems
  • Experience with Linux, ROS, Git, JIRA, etc.
  • Experience with various sensors (LiDAR, radar, GPS/IMU and cameras)

How to stand out from the crowd:

  • 10+ years of autonomous software development
  • Domain knowledge of autonomous robotic systems
  • Extensive ROS or other middleware development experience




Equal Opportunity Employer
If you have a bold personality, a desire to be part of something legendary, enjoy challenges, and would like to work hard as part of our amazing team in a fun environment that cultivates talent, please tell us about yourself.