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Bobby Hambrick

Founder & CEO of AutonomouStuff

Bobby Hamrick in Garage

Bobby Hambrick is the founder & CEO of AutonomouStuff, a leader in the automotive and technology industry. Hambrick founded AutonomouStuff in 2010 to serve the growing interest in automated vehicles in various markets including automotive, mining, military, agriculture, aerospace and academia. Hambrick is one of the first to develop and bring to market an automated R&D vehicle. As a single founder, Hambrick has grown the company like no other in the automotive industry: triple-digit growth for the last three years.

As the leader of one of the most respected companies in the automotive industry, Hambrick works with local robotics teams and universities to inspire future leaders to build a safer and better world.

Prior to founding AutonomouStuff, Hambrick led technical sales at Springfield Electric. Hambrick holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management.