The AutonomouStuff Story

AutonomouStuff is the world’s leader in supplying components used within autonomy systems. The company got its start when CEO Bobby Hambrick noticed a large gap in the industry's supply chain. He realized that robotics company representatives were having a hard time gaining access to the technology needed to solve their applications. He envisioned a place where they could find the products needed to get their projects up and running. That same place would provide the world’s best technologies and world-class services to its customers.

So AutonomouStuff was born. Our dedicated team is experienced, knowledgeable and passionate. We confidently stand behind our products because we know they are the best in the industry. As the industry changes, we adapt. Today, thousands of technical demonstrations are taking place throughout the world using products we provided. How awesome is that?


Home Sweet Home

AStuff headquarters is proudly located in Morton, Illinois. Morton is an exuberant, growing community of about 17,000 located at the crossroads of Interstate 74 and Interstate 155 in central Illinois. The community has seen steady growth in residential, industrial and retail development over the past decade.

Not only is our community famous for being The Pumpkin Capital of the World (so if you like pumpkin, you should already be filling out an application), but Business Insider Magazine ranked Morton Number One “Best Value” suburb in America. The ranking was based on education, safety, economic conditions and affordable real estate (seriously, why aren’t you here yet?).

We are very proud of our growth and expansion over the years, but central Illinois will always be home.




AStuff Around the World

While central Illinois is home, we understand that there is an urgent need to be accessible to the thousands of customers we serve worldwide. We  have strategically grown our amazing team to ensure we provide the best support around the globe.

You can currently find our talented team in Silicon Valley, Detroit, China and Europe. We have big plans to continue this growth! Stay tuned for more from AStuff!



To enable the future of transportation by significantly reducing development time of autonomy, driving our customers forward. We do this by bringing together the world's best technologies: products, engineering services, software and data intelligence.


As we grow as a company, it has become more and more important to explicitly define the core values from which we develop our culture, our brand and our business strategies.

AUTONOMOUSTUFF is FULL of passionate people who love what they do.

AutonomouStuff employees create:

  • a place where we celebrate success and have fun
  • a place where we give back to the community around us
  • a place where we all actively participate in making each other better
  • a place where EVERY employee understands the importance of creating great relationships
  • a place where everyone embraces change as a healthy part of growth
  • a place that offers the world’s best at what they do
  • a place where all others wonder how they can join us
  • a place where each employee wakes up and is proud of what they do and how they performed the day before

We believe:

  • big ideas don’t happen without hard work and an open mind
  • in providing solutions to problems
  • being different is how we enable change
  • all work and no fun is a bad idea
  • in taking care of each other
  • in counting our blessings
  • in sitting beside our customers to help them be successful
  • if we stay true to our vision and culture then our customers and employees will be happy

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