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Qumulo Nearline Archive Series

Qumulo’s distributed file system is the world’s most modern, hybrid cloud file storage solution, and Qumulo running on the Nearline Archive Series is the most efficient, high performing nearline archive system available. Qumulo’s solution has the economics of archive storage, better performance than other nearline storage offerings, and is designed for massive scalability in terms of performance, capacity and the number of files it can manage.

Hyundai MOBIS case study


  • Scalability. Built for petabyte scale.
  • Hardware freedom. Acts the same on-prem or in the cloud.
  • Proven for the enterprise. Delivers highest performance across many dimensions without data loss and handles billions of files and all types of files.
  • Visibility. Real-time analytics to understand your storage at a granular level, detect bottlenecks and accelerate performance.
  • Programmable. Works with your existing applications.
  • Value and efficiency. Costs less and more efficient than legacy storage appliances.
  • Experience. Industry high NPS, customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Smaller failure domains. The Qumulo Nearline Archive Series has a 1U form factor, which means that logical nodes do not have single points of failure such as a shared chassis and power supply.
  • Linear scaling. The Qumulo Nearline Archive Series allows customers to add capacity in 144 TB and 168 TB increments, with a linear increase in total available throughput.
  • Customer value. An innovative approach that continuously delights with new capabilities, 100 percent usable capacity and direct access to experts.


Technical Specifications

Per Node K-144T K-168T
Connectivity Ports 2 × dual 10GbE (SFP+)
Management Ports 10GbE base-T (RJ45)
Storage Media (all hot-swappable) 12 × 12TB HDD, 3 × 800GB SSD 12 × 14TB HDD, 3 × 960GB SSD
CPU Intel® Xeon-D D-1531 SOC, 6 cores, 2.2GHz
Memory 64GB
Raw Storage Capacity 144TB 168TB
Power Supply 2 × 400W (fully redundant, hot-swappable)
Dimensions (H×W×D) 1.7″ (4.3cm) × 17.2″ (43.7cm) × 36.25″ (92.1cm)
Weight 63lbs (28.6kg)
Power Requirements 100 – 240V, 50/60hz
Typical Power Consumption 0.59A @ 240V, 1.29A @ 110V
Typical Thermal Rating 142W (VA), 484 BTU/h
Maximum Power Consumption 1.0A @ 240V, 2.18A @ 110V
Maximum Thermal Rating 240W (VA), 818 BTU/hr
Operating Temperature 41°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C)
Non-operating Temperature -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C)
Operating Relative Humidity 8% to 90% (non-condensing)
Non-operating Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)


Safety UL, cUL
Country FCC (USA), NRTL (USA and Canada)
Emissions FCC Part 15 Class A, ICES-003 Class A
Immunity North America