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Neusoft ADAS Vision Software

For the NXP Automated Drive Kit only

With 20+ years of experience in image processing software, Neusoft is a leading IT Solutions and Services provider in China. Their ADAS Vision Software is a great solution for the NXP Automated Drive Kit, as Neusoft serves as an NXP Global strategic partner for ADAS and Automated Driving Systems.




Neusoft Front Vision Application Software API’s and Object Detection Algorithms

  • Lane detection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Pedestrian Detection (including Bicycle and Motorcycle Detection)
  • Headlight/ taillight detection
  • Object detection range 100+ Meters

Optional features available for discussion

  • Cross Traffic detection
  • Traffic Sign, Traffic Light detection
  • Blind Spot Detection

Supports Truly 1.3MP forward facing MIPI camera module and 52-degree lens