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ibeo LUX Fusion System

Up to six ibeo LUX laser scanners are connected to the central computation unit (ibeo ECU) via the Ethernet switch. The laser scanners provide their measurements to the ibeo ECU which performs the fusion of measured features, object detections and tracks.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team


Technical Characteristics

  • Ability to fuse up to 6 sensors
  • Long detection range up to 200m/ 650ft
  • Multiple echo detection for excellent performance under all weather conditions
  • Embedded data (pre-)processing (ground and clutter classifications)
  • Multiple layers for pitching compensation
  • Embedded object classification and tracking


  • SyncBox: 68×170×137
  • ECU: 87×220×270
  • Ethernet switch: 41×140×114
    (all dimensions in mm – height × width × depth)


Four Sensor Fusion System Connection Diagram

Four Sensor Fusion System Connection Diagram