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Hokuyo UST-05LN

The Hokuyo UST-05LN scanning laser rangefinder is a small, accurate, high-speed device used for non-contact distance measurement, obstacle detection and area monitoring applications. With a USB interface, the device can be easily programmed to set three area detection output zones with real-time detection in a 270ยบ field of view up to a distance of 5 meters.


  • The detectable range is .06m-5m
  • Scanning angle 270 deg
  • Angular resolution .5 deg
  • Power Consumption <2.5w
  • Laser Source 905nm
  • Scan Speed 25ms
  • Operating Voltage 12-24V
  • Interface USB 2.0
  • IP65 Housing
  • Compact Size: W50xD50xH70mm
  • Small weight, 130g


  • Object detection for AGCs, AGVs, RGVs, autonomous robots and overhead transports
  • Area monitoring and collision control
  • Intrusion protection, building security