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Ergoneers Vehicle Testing Kit

The Ergoneers Vehicle Testing Kit is a powerful solution for testing and benchmarking vehicles and running naturalistic driving studies. It consists of an all in one box Automotive Computer which is powered with D-LAB and its measurement and analysis modules. It is made to be used in standard vehicles and offers several connectivity options to analyze and benchmark a car together with human behavior. A comprehensive kit for any organization which wants to test specific features of cars or run naturalistic driving studies (NDS) by using a standardized setup which is ready in just a few minutes.



  • Simply integrate all components of the Vehicle Testing Kit in your test vehicle
  • Establish cable connections between components
  • Connect Vehicle Testing Kit to the 12V power supply of the car

Test Drive

  • Freely define your D-Lab3 cockpit and observe all values in real-time
  • Record all values synchronously
  • Set triggers and write notes
  • See live data while driving

Data Analysis

  • Replay all recorded values synchronously and understand driver behavior
  • Analyze driver performance data using the integrated statistics function
  • Analyze all values per subject and/or across all subjects

Product Highlights

  • Powerful all-in-one solution to easily and quickly equip test vehicles
  • All components are powered by 12 volt supply from car
  • Synchronously measures data from driver behavior/performance and experimental leader input
  • Fast and easy installation and de-installation
  • Removable hard disk for secure data export


  • Benchmark Studies
  • Naturalistic Driving Studies
  • Evaluation studies in real traffic
  • Evaluation of driver information systems in real traffic
  • Evaluation of driver assistance systems in real traffic