AStuff Speed and Steering Control Software

The Speed and Steering Control Software Package is an AutonomouStuff developed ROS software package that provides customers with a simple interface to emulate typical human driving behavior. The software only needs to send ROS messages to this package with desired vehicle curvature, max curvature, desired speed, acceleration limit, and deceleration limit. This software package reads in the desired control and filters it through our specially tuned control algorithms to provide all the required messages for the lower level drive by wire control system. Providing a simple user interface for low level vehicle controls saves our customers months of building their own speed controller, control system tuning to emulate human like driving behavior, and mapping vehicle kinematics. This software package allows customers to get up and running with the AutonomouStuff vehicle platforms faster than ever. Without this software package customers would have to develop their own speed and steering control algorithms. With this package, they only need to provide desired curvature and speed.

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  • Control algorithms tuned to emulate human-like driving behavior
  • Customer provides desired speed instead of complex throttle / brake commands based on complex control algorithms
  • Customer provides desired curvature instead of calculating vehicle kinematics to determine proper steering wheel position
  • Additional inputs for max curvature, max acceleration, max deceleration
  • Well documented and greatly supported


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