AStuff Platform: Off Road

Our platforms are carefully designed to provide a safe, reliable and robust solution for enabling the development and deployment of automated driving applications. These solutions are based on our extensive experience working with thousands of advanced engineers around the world.

The Polaris Ranger is our Off Road platform of choice because of its potential for low-cost integration for our customers.

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  • Low cost
  • Off-road vehicle
  • Customizable
  • By-wire system
  • Well supported by world class engineers
  • Great for research and development algorithms for robotics applications including:
    • vision processing
    • obstacle avoidance
    • object tracking and classification
    • localization
    • automated controls
    • map building
    • and much more


  • Full set of software interfaces to the controls:
    • Steering
    • Braking
    • Acceleration
  • Software access:
    • High, low, reverse, neutral gear selection
    • Speed feedback
  • Convenience features:
    • Dash mounted display screen
    • Game controller for by-wire testing
    • Power distribution terminals
    • Power conditioning


We are now providing fully integrated by-wire kits based on our NEV, Off Road and Class 8 platforms.

AutonomouStuff is proud to exclusively offer these automated driving research development by-wire kits for small electric vehicles. Small electric vehicles are a safe, reliable and robust by-wire solution that seamlessly interfaces to ROS. They are commonly used on university campuses and provide an easy solution for testing. We are able to take the standard by-wire platform and provide an added array of features thanks to the hard work of our amazing engineers. We offer optional features to truly customize the vehicle to meet your needs.

ROS driver available
Fully supported by your AStuff team

Standard Hardware and Software

  • PACMod (Throttle & brake by-wire controller module, steering & shifting by-wire controller module)
  • Power distribution panel
  • Vehicle-specific wire harnesses for all hardware modules
  • Driver available for use with ROS
  • USB joystick control software provided
  • Vehicle feedback provided (varies per vehicle model)
  • Common CAN interface for all supported vehicles


Software Module

  • Vehicle Control Model *control modules only (Feed it curvature and a set speed for control)
    • Steering and speed control model tuned to the specific GEM vehicle model
  • Basic Waypoint following software (no UI)
    • Breaks route into several segments
    • Pre-created by using google maps to draw the route
    • Enter active waypoints on the fly via route server
    • Requires GPS solutions for localization (Xsens or Novatel options)
    • Dynamic vehicle model simulation in Gazebo *coming soon
  • Advanced Shuttle Automation Software
    • Advanced UI with vehicle position overlay on a map
    • Programmable drag and drop points of interest (stop, speed limitations, intersections)
    • Easy create the driving out
      • Recording routes from the UI
      • Teach the route by simply recording the driving path
    • Collision avoidance module *compatible with our lidar processing module
  • LIDAR processing *based on the velodoyne VLP16 and VLP16 hi-res
    • Ground segmentation
    • Object segmentation
    • Object tracking
  • Vision Processing *coming soon
    • Lane detection
    • Sign recognition
    • Pedestrian, Vehicle detection, tracking and classification
  • LOAM (Lidar odometry and mapping)
  • Software Maintenance
    • Updates
    • Priority phone support


  • Integrated PC with ROS pre-installed and pre-configured
  • Sensor bumper racks for convenient sensor mounting configurations