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Allied Vision Mako G-319C

Mako G-319C is a GigE machine vision camera that incorporates the high-quality Type 1/1.8 (8.9 mm diagonal) Sony IMX265 CMOS sensor with Pregius global shutter. At full resolution, this camera runs 37.5 frames per second. With a smaller region of interest, higher frame rates are possible. Mako G cameras have an ultra-compact form factor and the same mounting positions as many analog cameras. All models include Power over Ethernet (PoE), three optoisolated outputs, and a 64 MByte image buffer. The image quality profits from the precisely aligned sensor. ROS Drivers Available.


Image optimization features:

  • Auto gain (manual gain control: 0 to 40 dB; 0.1 dB increments)
  • Auto exposure (exposure time control varies by pixel format)
  • Auto white balance (color models only)
  • Binning
  • Color correction, hue, saturation (color models only)
  • Decimation
  • Gamma correction
  • One look-up table (LUT)
  • Region of interest (ROI), separate ROI for auto features

Camera control features:

  • Event channel
  • Image chunk data
  • Global shutter mode
  • Storable user sets
  • StreamBytesPerSecond (easy bandwidth control)
  • Stream hold
  • Sync out modes: Trigger ready, input, exposing, readout, imaging, strobe, GPO
  • Temperature monitoring (main board only)


Interface IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3af (PoE)
Resolution 2064 (H) × 1544 (V)
Sensor Sony IMX265
Sensor type CMOS
Shutter mode Global shutter
Sensor Size Type 1/1.8
Cell size 3.45 μm × 3.45 μm
Lens mount C-Mount
Frame rate 37.6 fps
ADC 12 Bit
Image buffer (RAM) 64


Mako G-319B/G-319C is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

  • Robotics
  • Quality control
  • Inspection, surveillance
  • Industrial imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Logistics