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November Events

We had another busy month in November, with demonstrations of our technology at work during a show in China and speaking engagements on opposite sides of the United States for two of our executives.

CIIE 2019

We joined fellow Hexagon companies at the China International Import Expo in Shanghai with an AutonomouStuff Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Platform. The vehicle includes the same hardware and software we're using on the Open Autonomy Pilot in Peoria, Illinois, near our headquarters, with the ability to visualize what sensors such as lidar see in real time.

SEMA 2019

The annual Specialty Equipment Market Association gathering this year featured a panel discussion with AutonomouStuff founder and CEO Bobby Hambrick. His presentation detailed the progress on autonomy software stack development with Autoware through AutonomouStuff's Open Autonomy Pilot. Engineers have been refining algorithms using data gathered while a Lexus RX450h Automated Research Development Vehicle runs a test loop in downtown Peoria, Illinois, near AutonomouStuff headquarters.