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Integration Technician

SF Bay Area, California

What you will do:

  • Integration of automotive sensors and controls
  • Automotive electrical work
  • Custom fabrication and modification of vehicles
  • Assemble of low voltage components
  • Disassemble and bring vehicles back to stock appearance
  • Occasional travel to provide customer facing support

What we want to see:

  • Strong background in automotive mechanics
  • Understanding of direct current electrical systems
  • Experience with hardware interfaces like CAN-bus, Ethernet and computer networks
  • Ability to create custom brackets and fascia with common machining tools
  • Professional, self-motivated, flexible, multi-tasking, eagerness to learn

How to stand out from the crowd:

  • Passion for automotive and autonomous vehicles
  • Ability to create custom solutions
  • Prior experience within the Autonomy industry
  • Automotive bodywork experience
  • Customer facing sales experience
  • Networking, Linux and ROS experience
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Equal Opportunity Employer

If you have a bold personality, a desire to be part of something legendary, enjoy challenges, and would like to work hard as part of our amazing team in a fun environment that cultivates talent, please tell us about yourself.