Update from the CEO

AutonomouStuff mid-year update Growing up, I was always chasing something larger than what I was given. My father spent most of his life operating a machine at Caterpillar working, in a lot of cases, 10-12 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. My mother bounced from job to job trying to find her purpose which, I feel, she never truly found until the last months of her life. I am […]

May events: around the world

AutonomouStuff has been all over the world this month. We attended events from Detroit to Denver, Silicon Valley to Dublin spreading the news about our cutting edge technology and rapidly expanding company. Take a look at what we have been up to!

NXP Automated Drive Kit

The NXP Automated Drive Kit is an easily customizable development platform for autonomous vehicles. At the core is the NXP BLBX2-DB BlueBox, an all-in-one computer designed to analyze driving environments, assess risk factors and then direct the vehicle’s behavior in a safe and reliable manner.

Tech.AD Berlin 2018

Tech.AD Berlin served as the German debut for our automated Lexus platform, our first demo vehicle based in Germany with AutonomouStuff GmBH. Our team had a great time showing off the features of the vehicle at the show March 5 and 6, providing driving demos March 7 and taking the demo on a sight seeing tour of Berlin!

CES 2018

We are always excited to kick off the new year in style at CES. This year’s event was no exception! We brought together some amazing partners in our MGM Grand Skyline Terrace suite; joined forces with partners throughout the show floor, gold lot and central plaza; met with great customers; and had an epic AStuff party. We had a great time and cannot wait for CES 2019!

2018 Letter from the CEO

We have now provided some type of product, engineering service or software to more than 2,000 customers throughout the world. This is an incredible accomplishment! I’m so proud of where we’ve been and where we’re going.