vehicle integration services


We have experience integrating our products (hardware and software) into vehicles used for automated driving research, AGV systems, and other applications in a variety of industries. Such industries include: Automotive, Mining, Agriculture, Transportation, Military, Aerospace, Academics and Startups.

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software application services


You can think of building applications like adding apps on Android or iOS. The software apps we build can be anything from video overlay to advanced highway automation to completely self driving cars equipped with the latest driverless car technology.

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training services


We are experts in the technology and software that we offer. AutonomouStuff offers a variety of hands-on training options customized for our customers’ individual needs.

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design and install services


We have a unique set of engineering skills that enable our team members to make some amazing stuff. Our engineers are always available to help with customized installation.

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discovery services


We are proud to offer a flat rate engineering service that allows us to evaluate technologies for our customers’ specific applications. Applications range from sensor evaluation to technology recommendations.

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consulting services


Our knowledge based services are based on our decades of experience within a variety of different industries. These services can range from expert workshops, innovation planning, keynote speaking, industry analysis reports and many more.

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