Culture is the character and personality of an organization. Team members at AutonomouStuff constantly do all they can to give the words “character” and “personality” the proverbial run for their money, and it all starts with the boss himself. AStuff CEO Bobby Hambrick has made it his mission to ensure the phrase “going
  We’re proud to announce the AStuff Nebula, our newest computing solution for your autonomy needs. The Nebula begins a new chapter for industrial computers. As the first embedded controller targeting the emerging applications of CUDA computing, autopilot, AI inference and virtual reality, the Nebula integrates all features required for a compact, reliable and powerful
I want to take a moment and thank each of our customers who continue to trust in AutonomouStuff. We have now provided some type of product, engineering service or software to nearly 2,000 customers throughout the world. This is an incredible accomplishment. I’m very proud of where we’ve been and
We were proud to present our Roadmap to Autonomy at CES 2017 with partners NEXCOM, NovAtel and Quantum. Years of experience and time spent connecting with the right partners have allowed us to become the primary source for self-driving technology in the industry. At CES we showcased some of the best technologies we’ve